LOADED STEEL NZ LTD / is officially operating throughout the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

Caleb & Tyrone have recently expanded to New Zealand.   We have meet a number of great people and businesses within New Zealands Construction industry and we are proud to announce that Loaded Steel NZ, has partnered with Downers NZ on the Turitea Wind Farm Project in Taranaki.  We are expecting to start installing Reo in Nov.

We are also in final discussion with CPB (NZ) regarding the Metro Sports Facilty project in Christchurch.  This work is expected to start late Aug 2019. The construction game is different in New Zealand and so is Caleb & Tyrone vision for Loaded Steel NZ and it’s employees.  If you are interested in knowing more or wishing to join the Loaded Steel whanau (family), please contact us.


The Steel Fixers & Scaffolders you can rely on

Loaded Steel & Loaded Scaffolding has been around for a long time. Our name is synonymous on civil and commercial projects throughout South Australia. Our team contribute collectively to deliver projects on time at the highly quality.

Loaded Steel NZ Ltd has started recently, with the intention and focus of bringing what we have learnt here in Australia, to New Zealand and to New Zealand Steel Fixers.


Family owned and operated

Caleb & Tyrone are family men that believe in looking after their employees and their families. They believe that when employing people they are not just employing and person but there families as well. Caleb has over 15yrs in the industry and has worked on some of the largest projects in Australia. His experience in the industry is second to none and he manages the day-to-day operations. Tyrone manages the administrative side of the business while also getting his hand dirty on-site every now and then.

With the opening of Loaded Steel NZ Ltd, again Caleb & Tyrone have the opportunity to give back and help people from their origin of birth, New Zealand.  Loaded Steel NZ, will operated as a 100% Maori & NZ owned business.  It has a similar business model to Loaded Steel Aus and will have access to the expertise within Loaded Steel Aus when needed, but the purpose and vision for Loaded Steel NZ, it that it will stand on its own to serve the people of New Zealand.




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