The Steel Fixers you can rely on

Loaded Steel has been around for a long time. Our name is synonymous on civil and commercial projects throughout Australia & New Zealand. Our team contribute collectively to deliver projects on time at the highly quality.

Family owned and operated

Caleb & Tyrone are family men that believe in looking after their employees and their families. They believe that when employing people they are not just employing and person but there families as well. Caleb has over 15yrs in the industry and has worked on some of the largest projects in Australia. His experience in the industry is second to none and he manages the day-to-day operations. Tyrone manages the administrative side of the business while also getting his hand dirty on-site every now and then.


Tyrone & Caleb, leverage their combined 35+ years of industry experience to manage Steel fixing.  This strong management team knows steel fixing, they know the construction industry; and they know business. Every job benefits from their expertise.

Skilled Workforce

The Loaded Group employs highly skilled trade professionals in both steel fixing. We provide them with the safest, most secure working conditions, and they in return are a reliable, dedicated and loyal workforce. We all work together as a family which makes for an effective team. A satisfied workforce provides our customers with high levels of productivity and workmanship.

Safety is Loaded

The Loaded Group is unwavering in its dedication to safe and secure working conditions for its entire workforce, at every workplace.




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